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The Young Queens and Kings Scholar Program (YQKSP) at the Thomas A. Edison focuses on the social-emotional development of the young people in the program through circles and educational enrichment opportunities. Through this empowering program students have also created learned entrepreneurial skills by creating their own newspaper and an before and after-school snack stand. Youth participate in daily recreational and environmental projects such as urban agriculture and local field trips. YQKSP offers a 1 to 4 facilitator to student ratio.  What an incredible resource for Edison students!





"My name is K.S. I am 15 years old and in the 10th grade. I am Dominican.    What does it mean to be in the YQKSP Program? It is learning where you come from and being the best version of yourself that you can be. It also means you show and prove to society that you are not the stereotypes, that they put on you. It also means you are part of a sisterhood that has a strong bond. What this program  has taught me is being able to speak up and not keeping quiet when you're  doubted or what you stand for is wrong. It has also taught me to get out my shell when it comes to public speaking.


Young Queens and Kings Scholar  Program supports the creation of community learning centers that provide academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools. The program helps students meet state and local student standards in core academic subjects, such as reading and math; offers students a broad array of enrichment activities that can complement their regular academic programs; and offers literacy and other educational services to the families of participating children

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As a parent who was trying to find something constructive for my daughter to do after school, it was easy choosing young kings and  queens. The staff truly cares about the well-being of all of the students. I never had to worry about my daughter not completing her homework because the teachers who work at the school actually run the program. I love that they went on amazing field trips but what i like the most is that wellness is built in. Even during the pandemic my daughter attended online and they did yoga and talked about their feelings among other things, which I felt was much needed. I love that the program is  staffed with a diverse group of qualified teachers and professionals.  It matters to me because representation is key, and I feel like the children benefit from having staff that look like them and can truly understand and maybe relate to them on a different level. Young kings and queens feels like a tight knit family rather than an after school program.  My hope is that these young kings and queens will continue long after my daughter graduates next year, so that so many more children can benefit from this awesome program!

“What I do for myself, I will do for my brothers and sisters.”

I would describe the Y.Q.K.S.P in a beneficial way because they are helpful at getting things going and they understand all of my opinions.  I think they are good at planning things such as activities and helping with homework. Something that I like about the Y.Q.K.S.P is that the teachers/staff share their life stories or things that they did in their life and this makes me feel like I can relate to them.


One thing that the Y.Q.K.S.P has helped me with is thinking and solving problems. It helps me think more deeply about some things and it makes me think things through before I even give an answer. They encourage me to do better and things on my own when no one is there because I am in charge of my own learning. Another great activity we do and helps me grow is the quotes of the day; it helps me think more positively on the thing I'm doing and it helps me get a little more motivated in the things that I am working on or it makes me think happy at the end of the day . It really feels like a family. 

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